Présentation du simulateur MotoGP

The CKU28 is the ultimate training device for professional motorcycle riders.

Developed specially for exercising all the muscles and movements specific to motorcycle racing, which would otherwise be impossible to work as a whole during a normal fitness session.

The CKU28 fitness machine simulates a racing motorcycle with enough regulations and settings so that each rider can find the original position of their racing motorcycle. At first glance this may look like a video game, but in fact, the monitor displays video recordings taken by on-board cameras of the laps at different circuits during the World Championship.

Although its development took more than a year, the way the final model works is relatively simple: you only need to enters the racer’s weight and, if necessary, mimic the set-up of their racing motorcycle so that it can find all of their custom footrests, levers, and controls. This is enough to start a specific race-simulation training session.

Furthermore, the CKU28 also allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of its movements, especially to recover the simulator to its vertical position. The brake and clutch pressure, as well as the levers and gearshift can also be adjusted.



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